HANDLING IN THE SHOW RING classes are available in small groups or on a 1-2-1 basis at All Saints VH.

Does your dog ENJOY the showing process?  For a long show career, forging a happy connection is essential.  From a dog's perspective, most of what you require from him in the ring is COMPLIANCE - but often it comes as a series of commands,  given without providing clear indications of what you actually want to achieve.  

I can can help you to establish focus and a clear system in your partnership using positive reinforcement methods. A combination of a clicker, target stick and platform can provide an upbeat, positive system for free-stacking, stacking, moving and showing off his/her best assets.

3 x 40 minute sessions (£60)

Please contact me for information.  07831 257969 or email : training@pawsm8.com

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