KC GOOD CITIZEN testing is held regularly at Chardstock CH - Bronze, Silver and Gold. The Gold Course will run for SIX weeks and is limited to FOUR dogs/handlers. See the KCGC page for details, as and when they become available.  Bronze and Silver testing is offered to Life Skills, Puppy Foundation and 1-2-1 students. Anyone wanting to start foundation training with a dog over 18 weeks can enrol for the Life Skills Course below. Please be aware that one course will rarely achieve a standard necessary for assessment. Be prepared to train at a pace that works for your dog.
** Friday morning  -  All Saints VH - and ** Wed eve starting in April - All Saints VH - starting regularly for 4 sessions

This course is aimed at dogs and handlers that have either worked through KCGC Puppy Foundation,  had 1-2-1s for Foundation Skills or have achieved a level and want to broaden their training to work with other dogs and to include some fun elements, such as whistle-training and distance and directional work.   

Perhaps you hanker after having a go at Rally or Gundog work, but would like to have better basic skills before venturing into the unknown?  This course will give you more confidence and an improved partnership with your dog.  The focus is on play, click/treat, platform work and uses force-free methods for directional training and the retrieve and also an introduction to scentwork. Variety is the spice of life (and a successful dog/handler partnership) and this course will help handlers to become trainers and grasp a clearer understanding of how their dog learns best.  Limited to four dogs/handlers.  PS: It is possible to test for Bronze and Siver GC from this course.

INTERMEDIATE LIFESKILLS - to follow on from Life Skills. Also an ideal interlude between Bronze and Silver GC or Silver and Gold GC, The Life Skill classes address distance, duration and impulse control - and focus held in different environments and with distractions of all the senses. limited to four places. Please enquire for course information.

SCENTWORK COURSE FOR FUN - NEXT COURSE STARTS SOON AT ASVH for 4 sessions.  PLEASE ENQUIRE. See Scentwork Page.  NO SPECIAL LEVEL OF TRAINNG REQUIRED.  OPEN TO ALL AGES, TYPES & TEMPERAMENT OF DOG.  REACTIVE DOGS CAN BE ACCOMMODATED IN THIS COURSE. Truffle, Clove and other Odour Discrimination training is also an option either in this course, or on a 1-2-1 basis.

GUNDOG COURSE (STARTER)FOR GUNDOG (AND GUNDOG X) BREEDS.  Open to those that have previously trained with Pawsm8 via 1-2-1s or Life Skills, or can show they have gained basic skills in other training groups. Held outside in paddocks, ponds and woods - using non-coercive methods = click/treat, play and platforms, to fine-tune the retrieve, quartering, steadiness and directional work! Please email to be added to the list.  Anyone interested in joining this course can start the process in the Life Skills Group, or book 1-2-1 private sessions to be considered for this group. Intermediate level of Gundog training also available.


STARTER GUNDOG GROUP - Wed mornings starting in April. 6-week course leading to The Gundog Club testing scheme. 


Testing via both The Gundog Club www.thegundogclub.co.uk (The Gundog Trust) and via the Kennel Club Gundog Working Certificate www.thekennelclub.org.uk will be an option during the Spring and summer months.

RALLY LEVEL 1 & 2 COURSE at CCH ... see RALLY Page.
A Pawsm8 booking form is available on request to book for all courses by emailing me.

Email at training@pawsm8.com to reserve your space or call on 07831257969

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