1-2-1 Sessions all year round

Starter course for Gundog Breeds (and Gundog Crossbreeds) of all ages. Please note that I work ONLY with science-based, force-free, non-aversive methods, using the click/treat and marker concept with posts and platforms to teach the retrieve, hunting and quartering, steadiness and some directional training.  All students are asked to respect this policy, which disallows lead-checking, physical correction or negativity. Please ensure that a regular buckle collar is fitted, with a 5-6' training lead attached. Harnesses are recommended for young dogs still working on loose-lead walking. No gun slips in this class, please. The ground is highly-scented and exciting, especially in a group situation - these classes will be held in my Private Venue at Marshwood, Dorset. The intention is to work through paddocks, woodland and water as the course progresses.  You might like to consider joining the Life Skills first, as an introduction if you're needing basic skills. £60 (4 X 90 minute classes) Course Fee. Friday afternoons starting in April. Please email your interest to :
training@pawsm8.com or call me for a chat.

These courses become Gundogs Indoors to CCH and ASVH from SEPTEMBER until April, to refine handling and refresh the basics. 1-2-1 and small group training outdoors is still available.

The LIFE SKILLS GROUP, which is open to all breeds/types of dog and their owners, focuses on improving the dog/handler partnership using click/treat, platforms, targets and scentwork is an excellent starting point for those who eventually wish to work on other disciplines, including gundog training, which require focus in a more distracting environment.  Perfect for those wishing to join the Gundog Groups or try out The KCWC or just hunt and shoot with their dogs eventually. 

1-2-1 and small group Gundog private sessions can be arranged in a safe,fenced paddock and pond in the Axminster area, local grounds or at your own home ground.  I can also offer 1-2-1 Livestock Introduction with sheep, pigs and poultry. 3 sessions for £99. Please note that this is for young, innocent dogs and not suitable for dogs that have already chased sheep.

My experience covers Retriever, Spaniel and Hunt/Point/Retriever training to Working Test and with HPRs and Retrievers to Field Trial standard.  Enquire for help, to work out problems, train with other dogs as a distraction, work towards the KC GWT, or just to get going with this enjoyable canine discipline with a view to beating or picking-up on shoots in the future. See my new Starter Gundog course above for the complete beginner or basically-trained young dog. 

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