** Limited to 4 dogs.**

Using click/treat, platform work, play and scentwork to enhance the dog/handler connection.  A six-week course following on from Puppy Foundation work.  Not suitable for dogs with social problems, but the perfect step for the older pup and for those wishing to increase general obedience - stays, recalls, emergency stops - or intend to venture into a discipline such as Rally or the Pawsm8 Gundog group.  You will get to read and understand how your dog learns in this group and this, in turn, will develop your partnership.


6-week course starting at 10am on Friday mornings, All Saints VH, - £60 at time of booking. Please enquire for Booking Form and enquire for dates.
The next course is planned to start in NOVEMBER

Please email for a booking form.  training@pawsm8.com  tel: 0783 125 7969  

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